Tommy the T-Rex

Coming back from prehistoric times is our latest character Tommy the T-Rex.

This larger than life character has power behind his throws and a quickness about him that will make him a worthy challenger. His expressions are one of the best. Open the character select menu and pick Tommy today!

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Chompy’s Dodgeball Website Up!


After much wait and anticipation, the website for Chompy’s Dodgeball is up and running. Please visit by clicking the link in the menu bar above or here.

Check out our video that features all of the cast, download the free wallpapers, and view screen shots of the five different worlds! If you like the site, please tell your friends and visit us again. We will be updating regularly, so keep posted!

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Release of Chompy’s Dodgeball on Android Market

Chompy’s Dodgeball is now available on the Android Market! Get it today!

To get the ad-free version, you can visit or simply scan, the QR Code to the left with an application such as Google Goggles.

To test drive our game, try out Chompy’s Dodgeball Lite! For Chompy’s Dodgeball Lite version, scan the QR Code to the right.

Both versions offer a chance to compete in different worlds, tournaments and minigames. With Open Feint, you can see your position on the online leaderboards, achievements and more!

Today you should…

Throw, dodge, win!

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Chompy’s Dodgeball: Paws Enters the Fray!

Straight from the Bengal Jungle comes Paws the Tiger.  With his cheery attitude and paw print shirt he is ready for action!

Paws enters the dodgeball court with his speedy nature and natural agility which highlights his tigerosity.   This bouncy cat’s high recovery rate ensures that when he is down that he  will be back on his feet in no time at all.  All this being said, Paws is a kind hearted friend so he won’t be hurling dodgeballs with tremendous power.

Catch this snugly critter soon!

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Chompy’s Dodgeball: Introducing Chompy!

Introducing the first character of Chompy’s Dodgeball, the star of the show and our mascot Chompy!

Chompy’s a curious monster with an insatiable appetite and a fan favorite.  His dodgeball skill shows his even all round talents.  A great character for beginners and pros alike, Chompy has all round talents in strength, speed and recovery.

He is also a dangerous foe with a fondness for aiming at the balls on your side of the court.  Chompy is a cunning foe and is ready to take on any one who dares threaten his turf the dreamy desert!

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Anouncing Chompy’s Dodgeball, Again!

After about a year of on and off development we are proud to announce one of our favorite titles at Quicksilver Labs, Chompy’s Dodgeball!

Chompy’s Dodgeball is an action packed arcade style fun fest for Android.  Over the next few weeks we hope to show off Chompy and all his friends and unveil each of their unique worlds, so stay tuned!

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Quicksilver Labs

Welcome to the new website of Quicksilver Labs. In the next few weeks, we will be updating this site with the progress of our development.

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